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Again and again, Turkey

First of all, I want to say that I couldn’t even expect so many positive things from this EVS project. I thought to get to Gaziantep from Istanbul will be hard, but even there people, who didn’t know English tried to help me. And I was literally the first one near the gates.

Gaziantep. It is really authentic city with a  good security and a transport system, but one thing you should remember, there are no rules for cars ( yes, it is exaggeration, but only small). I have worked from Monday until Friday. What do you do it depends only on your English level and your desire, because Faruk – our boss give you a chance to choose and that is really important.

All working hours I have spent at the University, where we had a speaking club and a movie night. Sometimes we have learned also Russian language. I have been a volunteer in Erasmus+ Office so I have learned a lot about this program from the beginning (application forms and exams) till the end ( agreements and a choosing process). I even have helped with some organizational issues. People from the University now my best friends in Turkey and we think about another meeting already.

I have been living in apartment with a woman (who is an owner of flat) and 2 other volunteers, now they are my friends.  For food we have had 50 liras per week and it was enough. And I had a free lunch at the University. Also we had 80 Euro for pocket money and it was enough too. 

I think, I have traveled a lot. I have visited: Killis, Kahramanmarash, Shanurfa, Antakia, Antalia and Istanbul. For this I should say «thanks» to my friends, they were more than kind and have tried to show the best places and cities.

I can tell you without doubts: Gaziantep  worth your attention. Here you can discover an authentic, amazing country. I am very happy to have chosen Turkey as a new world for me. I am so happy that people inspire others I did not anticipate that I could meet people like this here. Two months  gave me a lot of motivation. If you are looking for a new opportunity, I am sure Erasmus + programs are 100% for you. Good memories, development, new talents, good friends, knowledge about an extraordinary culture and religion-  what more can I except?