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Genappe Cultural Centre, Belgium 11-07-2020

Hello everyone! My name is Halia and my super power is communication. That’s why when I am writing I imagine a large audience like TED conference, and I am standing in front of it sharing the precious memories of my volunteering project. This 8-months trip started in October 2019. Back then a Finnish girl, a German boy and me met each other in this tremendously large Universe to dive deeply into Belgian culture. 

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European Mobility 2019, Germany 24-05-2020

Hi, searchers for adventures! My name is Karina and since 6 months I`ve been doing my voluntary service in Berlin. And I definitely have something to share with you. I would start with telling you, why in my opinion you need to do a volunteering year abroad. When you're quite young, just after school or even after graduating from a university in Ukraine, you might have a question “So what`s next?”. And right after this question in the fourth academic year I saw a proposal about a voluntary project in Germany. I was studying German translation and I really like this country, so I had decided, that it was a great chance to find an answer for a question “So what's next?”.

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CIAO 14-05-2020

The project "CIAO - Civic Involved Alliance of Organisation" took place in the picturesque city of Modica, which is located in the south of the island of Sicily, Italy. The city itself is small, but very picturesque. The city was founded more than 1000 years ago and was ruled by Greeks, Romans and Arabs. All this mixing of cultures could be felt and seen in architecture just walking around the city. And the participants had enough opportunities for walks, sessions and workshops took place in different historical buildings of the city - one of which was the State Archive of the whole region! 

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Working with disabilities through Rock Solid Foundation, the Netherlands 05-04-2020

Being a volunteer is such a great experience. We are not busy with work, we don’t live with our parents, we have plenty of time for everything-we-want and we have at least the other volunteers to have fun with. I am enjoying my time here doing what I really like: dancing classes, traveling, making new friends, cooking, learning how to play ukulele (just because my flatmate is the best teacher). Before this project I thought that being a 25-year-old volunteer is too brave for me. I mean what about a proper job and serious adulthood? Now I realize how wrong I was. These 6 months are the best time in my life so far filled with some challenges, priceless moments, lessons and amazing people around me. And this is only half of my project. So it will be even better.

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Community goes Europe! 23-01-2020

I've been volunteering in CGE - Culture Goes Europe and helping with implementing projects on different stages, making local events and youth exchanges happen. I knew about EVS/ESC before, but I didn't realise there are so many other Erasmus+ opportunities like youth exchanges (for youngsters) and tranings (for people of different age!). You only need a strong motivation and some English speaking skills to apply. So take as many of these opportunities as you can. 

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VolunTeen, Croatia 03-01-2020

Volunteering is the best gift which you can give to this world. It’s a magic power that can totally change your life and fill it with new bright emotions and priceless knowledge, friends from all over the world, experience to live and work abroad. It will help you to learn foreign languages, to become more open minded and flexible, to learn about various nationalities and intercultural differences.

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We Can Together, Bulgaria 24-12-2019

When I came to Bulgaria I noted that our countries have something similar, but for me it was not typical to see their roofs on the houses and memory paper on the trees, what I haven’t ever seen in my native country. I have never lived without my family during a long period of time. When I studied in my university I came back home every day and I haven’t had experience of living in a dormitory. After my arrival to the new place of living I started trying to exercise my talents. Besides my activities at a high school, my coordinator introduced me in two dance and one music groups. Also I started playing volleyball in a local school. My purpose in that moment was to complete my free time as much as possible. In my opinion it helped me adaptat quickly and be more proactive.

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Ouvrons la fenêtre européenne sur la jeunesse, France 20-11-2019

My name is Vlad and recently I finished my 10-months volunteering project in France. My internal goals are met. The experience I have gained, including facing and overcoming problems, is very valuable and unique. There are no other circumstances where I would be able to gain that experience. I am sure that all the experience, skills, and memories I gained from my EVS volunteering in France will stay with me for a long time.

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Effective Communication Tools for You(th) 05-11-2019

Recently 3 participants from NGO “Stella” have returned from the training course “Effective Communication Tools for You(th)” held on 23rd – 31st of August 2019 in Radava, Slovakia. The project was implemented in frames of KA105 Erasmus + projects: Mobility of youth workers and gathered together 30 youth workers, educators, teachers, and project managers from 14 European countries to develop their communication and interpersonal competencies and to exchange best practices in communication among youth NGOs in Europe. 


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Capitale en faveur du volontariat européen, France 02-11-2019

Once upon a time I decided to go to France. After some searching, I found a project in Strasbourg, it said I’d have to work with small children in the Strasbourg City Council, which promised some related to international relations events. I liked that it combined several things - learning French, being in the centre of human rights and work with children. I have always enjoyed being in camps and participating in educational programs and dreamed for once to be a teacher. Here I want to share about the experience itself, my feelings of being in an international environment and how it influenced my plans for the future. Now I am at the end of the project and I can reflect on how I spent 9 months in France working with small children.

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Open Eyes, Latvia 31-10-2019

Hello everyone! I’m Tania. In May 2019 I came back from wonderful adventure called EVS. I was volunteering for a year in a youth center in Jelgava, Latvia. Somehow many people think that Latvia has nothing interesting to offer. Well, I cannnot agree with it. I fell in love with Latvia, its nature, people and deep culture. While being there I was discovering Latvia piece by piece every single day. Yet stil, there is a lot left to discover. Latvia became home to my soul.

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FAIRbunden mit Europa in Lepzig, Germany 20-10-2019

About one year ago, I made the decision to leave on a volunteering project to Germany. At that time, I didn't even imagine how different my life would become. Firstly, my project inspired me  to do a master's in World Cultural and Natural Heritage Studies at the German University. I also plan to work in this field in the future. Secondly, I greatly increased my level of German thanks to constant communication with colleagues and visitors. Thirdly, every month I made two trips to other countries and cities.

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Glocality - Resilience in Reality, Sweden 19-10-2019

It's been 5 months since I live in a beautiful country of forests, lakes, fairies, elves, vikings and beautiful people. It seems just yesterday, I was finishing my work in Kyiv and only dreamt of living in Sweden. My volunteering project takes place near a beautiful city of Jarna, 50 km from Stockholm, in the magical eco-village called Charlottendals Gard. This is one of the best times of my life. There is another 5 months of volunteering ahead. Every day brings new challenges and new achievements.

I'm happy.

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COOL “Community of Open Learners”, Bulgaria 02-10-2019

Good day! My name is Andrii, and recently I finished my volunteer year, which I spent in Bulgaria, in a small town called Razlog. For me it was an opportunity to try another way of life, to live outside of my comfort zone. On the project, I lived not one or two lives but many more. They are measured by the number of people I met who somehow influenced me, contributed to my worldview and education. In general, the relations in the team were not like in a normal office, it was like in a family. 

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Working with disabilities through Rock Solid Foundation, the Netherlands 29-09-2019

How this project changed me? Apparently this happens to everyone who volunteers in a multicultural environment, but the biggest thing is how my worldview has widened. Before, many things seemed impossible to me, but now I know that most of the restrictions and obstacles exist only in our heads, and you just need to get out of the comfort zone. Yes, it will be difficult and sometimes scary, but if you grow up as a person - absolutely worth it. In general, I am very glad that there is such an opportunity for Ukrainian youth to go abroad for volunteering, because it helps us to be more open to the world, to other people, to work together and to create something useful for all humanity.

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EVS in Gaziantep 09-09-2019

The important things in life always happened by accident. In my case, this beautiful accident was the European Volunteer Service. Perhaps, the decision to become EVS volunteer was the most impulsive in my life: in a week after receiving an invitation, I went to such a familiar for every Ukrainian but at the same time mysterious country Turkey.

I didn't know what to expect from work and life there, I didn't even know where I was going to live. However, after living a month in Gaziantep and having experienced the culture shock, I can genuinely say that I fell in love with every second I spent in Turkey.

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Vikings village, Lithuania 23-08-2019

Being chosen a way to spend summer break for study, I thought for a long time about what can combine useful and curious for me simultaneously . Thanks to NGO Stella, I saw an announcement of a short-term EVS recruitment for Lithuania and decided - why not to try to apply? I`m fine in working with children there was a requirement to do sports and play with children. Actually, I went through all the selection stages (questionnaire + interview) and ended up in the Baltic. Having a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of International Relations, I was also interested in political, economic, cultural and social dimensions of the  region.

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Volunteering in Geged, Gaziantep 21-08-2019

Gaziantep is a unique city with a rich culture to which you absolutely can't remain indifferent. It is considered to be the capital of Turkish food (and it's truly amazing), but mostly I was interested in people. Gaziantep is very friendly to all the tourists and gives you a warm welcome; with the time you find your favorite spot with freshest veggies, sellers memorize your name and ask for some facts about your country. Local people love to share their traditions and most likely will invite you to come to their house for breakfast or dinner - that's the best thing that could happen to you to know the culture from the inside.

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Volunteering in Odder, Denmark 15-08-2019

My project takes place in Denmark, in Odder town, in hojskole - folk school for people from 18 y.o. and older. This is a college without grades that aims to study various arts. The average age of students is 23 y.o. 70% are Danes, 30 % are foreign students.

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Youth Exchange "Your Own Opinion": New Horizons for Media Literacy 15-08-2019

True magic had happened in Pustomyty (Lviv Oblast) on 7th of July, the youth exchange had brought 40 young people from 8 countries to discuss and audit the concept of media literacy, and to rethink a way how we can recognise and defeat manipulations, propaganda, cyberbullying, etc. This incredible journey had last for 9 days, and all of participants made their contributions to the topic, sharing their personal experience and considering media conditions in their countries.

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“EVS 4 sustainable life” in Sigulda, Latvia 01-07-2019

Čau! (Hi!). My name is Tetiana Mazurenko and I have been an EVS volunteer in the project “EVS 4 sustainable life” in Sigulda, Latvia for one year.

It’s very hard to find words to describe this experience not getting too emotional and the first words that come to my mind are: "amazing, incredible, breathtaking, outstanding, marvelous, awe-inspiring" Imagine that you would need to describe one of the happiest times in your life and continue the list) I have got a dream job and inspiring surroundings, beautiful nature, and opportunities to develop and implement my potential - my EVS is about how dreams come true:) 


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Roar, Poland 10-06-2019

From 11 April till 19 April member of NGO Stella took part in the youth exchange in Poland, which aim was promote self-development as a tool for inspiring and maintaining sustainable changes at the personal, professional and societal level.

Andrii Arkhipenkov shares his experience: "Workshops were very useful for me, because I’m really interested in self development. It helped to focus on the moment and to be in present.  Also, this project was really useful, how to reach my goals, what I can do for them. 

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Volunteering in NGO «Miegantys dramliai» 08-06-2019

i everyone! My name is Olya and I am volunteer in NGO «Miegantys dramliai» (Sleeping elephants), in Kaunas, Lithuania. This is climbing center and its projects devoted to the integration process for people with disabilities. Duration of my project is one year and I am here 10 months already. I regret to accept the fact that I have to by home way ticket already.

It is very hard to define where to start.

Probably, it is better to start from the beginning?

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Grow, Latvia! 29-05-2019

Even before the project, we were asked to write a small report, to tell about our impressions, when six months will pass. In the head thoughts were something like: "Oh! That's long! ". It's been 6 months. I'm sitting at the table in the kitchen, writing about my impressions of Latvia and trying to understand how to stop time ..

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Volunteering in Latvia - Grow, Latvia! 29-05-2019

Six months in Latvia

 It's been six months since I am a volunteer in Riga. This is a big term, but it has passed as quickly as if I only arrived from Ukraine yesterday. But at the same time - as if it was in the previous life. I am very grateful that in such a difficult situation, I was assisted by such a kind and professional person Daria Prybyl, my volunteer colleague and friend. Together with her, we arrived at such an unknown, but at the same time familiar, Riga. Fortunately, we helped by the director of the organization, the Latvian Youth Development Center - Alexander Post. He settled us into a large cozy apartment and helped to acclimate. We immediately enrolled in language courses and began to study the Latvian culture.


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Successful Integration - New Horizons for Migrants in Berlin, Germany 09-04-2019

This project has brought me a lot: meeting new people, seeing new places, discovering new cultures, learning new language. I improved my Arabic and learnt German from zero. I think EVS creates a precious opportunity to enjoy a work-life balance so that you can have time for travelling as well. I believe trips are important for the personal growth, they enrich our experience, take us out of the usual surrounding and broaden our outlook. This year was full of opportunities to develop my personal and professional skills. My project taught me to always be ready for new challenges.

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Strengthening Cooperation, Czech Republic 30-03-2019

It is really difficult to put together all my thoughts and explain you everything about my EVS, but I'll try my best! Simply speaking, it was a year of changes and challenges. First of all, this year influenced a lot my lifestyle. As the organization I used to work in, is based on the principals of eco-friendly education, I started to do recycling, being vegetarian and simply love nature even more.

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The Volunteers Uniting Humanity 23-02-2019

Hi, if you went to read this review, then you are interested in the topic of volunteering, and maybe it is these city and organization. Therefore, I will start my story.

I just graduated from the university, and I already knew that I would go volunteering, the choice fell to an organization working with children and adults who were forced to leave Syria covered by the war and move to Turkey to the city call Gaziantep, which for two months became and my home too. However, we did not forget about the local children and adolescents, who also needed help for reasons.


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Corners of Europe, Latvia 11-02-2019

The project "Corners of Europe" is not a long-term EVS, so our team tried to maximize working achievements with a lot of events. Among my daily routine, is the preparation and holding of the event for school-aged children, communicating and performing the tasks for which they can receive awards. On Tuesday, I usually visit a kindergarden, where I am working with children, studying English, playing and reading books. Sometimes I run dance workshops for children and youngsters, as well as they study new technologies for creating handmade things. We have a huge success in organizing English discussion club, and moreover, I want to hold a number of dance master classes in youth center as well as photoshop lessons.

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Raise the bar with Schuman volunteers, Poland 25-11-2018

For the last 9 months I’ve been a volunteer in the Special kindergarten 393 working with disabled children. Very soon my project will finish and looking back I see how drastically it has changed my life. First of all, it happened because of my dear kids who make me believe that they are the path I was looking for my whole life.

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More Mosaic - is creativity and art 22-11-2018

More Mosaic -  is creativity and art! Thanks to this project we have forgotten the language barrier for ten days. It was easier to express my thoughts with the help of art than I thought, so all the participants quickly got closer and even bad weather could not spoil our mood!

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This is EVS or your life will never be the same, France 10-11-2018

I want to give only one advice to a person who thinks about going abroad : do not hesitate! Participate in the EVS, challenge yourself, meet new people, learn a new language and have fun. You do not even imagine now how much you will discover about yourself during such a journey. Definitely, EVS experience changes lives, it challenges you, gives you loads of experience, reflection, new ideas and most importantly it gives you a lot of friends.

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One Short-term EVS – one feature-length movie 06-10-2018

The locals were wondering: why Muş? Tourist in Turkey is an ordinary thing. But not in conservative city at the eastern side of this astonishing country. If the question was to go there one more time, my answer would be definitely «Yes».

2 months period is not too long to give up every stuff at home but enough to deep inside another culture and live a life there. I definitely took pleasure of this life. The distinctive culture can be learned only in such cities like Muş, not in all inclusive hotels.

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Ukrainian in Gelderland: True Story about EVS. Chapter II 31-08-2018

The adventure of my lifetime is going on. I have been living in the Netherlands for ten months. How I have got it? Because of the astonishing international project at Humanitas DMH with coordinating from Rock Solid Foundation. If somebody does not know what I am talking about, it calls European Volunteering Service (EVS) Programme. My field here is social work. I help with social activities for people with mental and light physical disabilities.

Today I want to tell you about my feelings during the mentioned time, the work and its features, the Netherlands and the Dutch things, and my free time. Let’s do it – one by one.

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Youth exchange "Employability guide to graduates of high school" 19-08-2018

If I were asked: "What is your biggest emotional memorial on the project?"

I would definitely answer - that I have taught almost all foreign participants of the project to pronounce correctly - Pustomyty and believe me it was not so easy ;)

In general, participation in this project is a completely joyful and emotionally deep memory. Because exactly here, you meet an old friend who met the project 2 years ago, this is where you motivate people to sport and they catch you up and say: I can do more, it is here that the borders are erased and you are already a new nation, since you have a common goal and purpose.

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More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always 02-07-2018

More Mosaic was a perfect active lifestyle advertisement. Right from the start when I first jogged through Kobuleti with its meditative sunny streets and the Black Sea as warm and friendly as locals, I felt inspired to work. When we went on a paper clip challenge (exchanging a paperclip on any other object local people might give you) we landed with a better understanding of local people and with a variety of things, including watermelon, books, a taxi ride and even an armchair.

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Equal Opportunities to Disadvantaged in Rural Areas, Czech Republic 24-06-2018

We had already passed the equator of the project and there are a lot of things which I want to share about our project and about the Czech Republic.

About our project activities: from December till May we held interactive lessons and workshops for students of secondary and high schools in Česká Lipa. At the beginning it was quite challenging for me, because I am not a teacher and had never worked with children, especially in English, before. But thanks to the project I learned how to write lesson plan, discovered different kind of activities for the lesson and feel myself more confident in the classroom.

But it isn`t all yet. We also have EU seminars, English and Czech classes and peer-to-peer lessons during which we are teaching each other our native languages and it`s truly so interesting for us.

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Some call it Europe, we call it Home 19-05-2018

Project "Some call it Europe, we call it Home" is a multilateral youth exchange with 50 participants from 4 EU (Germany, Greece, UK, Cyprus) and 6 neighboring (Armenia, Egypt, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia Federation and Jordan) countries. The project was organised in Agros viIlage – Cyprus between 27/4-05/5/2018. Its aim is the cultural diversity, inter-religious dialogue and empowerment of youth from various social, religious, cultural and ethno-racial backgrounds. In addition to workshops and presentations of the countries, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about local business in Cyprus, visit the EU house, and walk around Nicosia and Limassol.

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To Give and to Get-2, Lithuania 17-05-2018

Greetings from the sunny Vilnius! A lot of bright events have happened in my EVS life for the last 8 months, and I want to share my impressions!

My project has taught me to be more organized and creative, to plan my time and budget. I began to give English lessons to another volunteer. I asked my organization for a bike from the organization - now the wind is chasing me! I also took part in the youth international exchange, where I was sharing my EVS experience. In my plans is to organize a photo-laboratory and put up children's work at the photo exhibition!

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Raise the bar with Schuman volunteers, Poland 03-05-2018

"I am glad to inform you that your application, after our initial selection and Skype interview, has been accepted. The teachers from the Special Kindergarten 393 would be very pleased if you joined them as soon as it possible".

I reread these frases again and again. No,it can't be true, I'm just dreaming. Frankly speaking, I realised that it was true only when I got off the plane in Warsaw. But even now sometimes I tick myself just to be sure that's all happening to me.

My name is Maryna Isaieva and now I am a volunteer in Polish Robert Schuman Foundation. My project takes place in Warsaw and my task here is to help kids with disabilities.

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Volunteering in the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Thüringen, Germany 01-05-2018

I’m doing my EVS in Erfurt, central Germany and work at Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Thüringen (State Center for Political Education of Thuringia). I work in the publications department and deal mainly with books.

What I like in Germany is a "flat hierarchy". Though you can have a boss, but he is neither god nor king, and you are free in making decisions and developing new ideas.

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It's up to you. It's up to us! 30-04-2018

"Train the trainers – It’s up to me 5" is not only a training course, but a whole integrated approach or even a philosophy of how to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of youth workers / trainers, who are going to work in this field, as well as how to organize and implement really high-quality trainings and projects in the frame of the Erasmus + program and beyond.

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Intercultural exchange - EVS in Denmark 20-04-2018

Hello from fairy-tale Denmark!

My project started at the beginning of February 2018 and takes place in the city of Aalborg, at University College of Northern Denmark (so-called University of applied science). In my opinion, my tasks correspond to the position of a project assistant, exactly what I was striving to get and, in this way, enhance my previous experience in this field. Apart from smaller administrative tasks, e.g. registering certain contracts/invitation, optimizing excel database, email correspondence, which are familiar to me, I am also responsible for a couple of things that are certainly out of my comfort zone.

“No stress, numerous opportunities to apply my creativity, to meet plenty of interesting people, to broaden my outlook while doing truly useful things and see the result of my efforts” is my current EVS in a nutshell ;)

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Working with disabilities through Rock Solid Foundation, the Netherlands 13-04-2018

It has been a bit more than half of my EVS project but the experience and emotions are still overwhelming. I can already say with certainty that things are going much better at work. The peculiarity of my work is the constant communication with children. In a family-type house I stay almost constantly and spend time with the children playing, doing something, cooking, cleaning and just walking. And over the whole week, you have 10 football training sessions, you play Lego, plant trees, clean garbage, cook Ukrainian dishes, go to the zoo or cinema. Sometimes it is even very difficult to distinguish "working" from "not working" because we play, work, cook and travel sometimes. We try to teach children to be responsible for their lives in the future.

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Vysocina Imprint 09-04-2018

Hi, my name is Yulia and I’m an EVS volunteer in Czech Republic. My experience started in October last year. From that point until now I’m trying to invent new handcraft activities, games for seniors, children, and people with mental disabilities. My EVS takes place in a small city Pelhrimov. I’m involved in different NGOs in our region. A big plus for me is to have an opportunity to choose what I want to do because my hosting organization is very flexible. Their main task is to help and support people with mental issues.

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Volunteering with the elderly of the town of Porec, Croatia 01-04-2018

Here is when my cloudless EVS came to the end. The year filled with opportunities and fun. The year when a brain can relax and take time for personal inner thoughts. You don`t have to think about accommodation or food, no stress after hard working day, no thoughts about how to make ends meet. You actually LIVE at EVS. And I wouldn't call my work “work”, because it is more like help. You help people with what they are not able to do themselves, or what you are really good at. And I'm very happy I had such a year in my life, the year I will be always recalling. I wish everyone have such an amazing EVS as I did!

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Youth involved in social and cultural project, France 01-04-2018

Hello! My name is Kateryna and I am a volunteer of the EVS program in France (L’Aigle, Normandy). February 28 was the 6 months anniversary of my volunteering. During these six months, cultural differences with the French people have become a big discovery for me. Almost every day I learn something new about their mode of thinking, culture, education etc. I have become a real fan of French music - so many talented musicians in all possible genres you won’t find elsewhere! And thanks to the team on the radio each week is full of musical discoveries.

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Hand of Friendship 10, Ireland 25-03-2018

Hello everyone from Ireland! 11 months of my project were fast!  This project provided me with an important experience of working and living abroad. In Ireland, I have improved my English, soft and personal skills (for instance, skills of effective and harmonious interaction with people). I have gained experience in the "Irish style" which is calm, relaxed and measured style of work, of course as far as possible, in an organisation, which is working with young people).

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Gocal Volunteering in Poland 18-02-2018

I want to start my story from the fact that for me this is the second volunteer project in Poland. So I made my first impressions much earlier. But precisely because I really liked people and the country, which has its traditions so similar to Ukrainian ones, I have chosen Poland again. Previously, I was living in a large city, Gdańsk. This time deliberately chose a small area, close to the border with Belarus. Because I wanted to work with young people, children. They are always interesting and it's not boring with them.

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EVS for a Better World, Turkey 15-02-2018

ity of Gaziantep met us with sunny and warm weather. Grass was still green and it felt like it was spring, not winter. Even though Gaziantep is located not far from Syrian border, we can assure you that there is no danger in living there. The city looked a bit crowded, with lots of cars and noise. But it has its own unique atmosphere. People there are kind and polite. As foreigners we attracted the looks of locals, but they were always eager to help. But be aware that most of them did not speak English, only youth. 

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Successful Integration - New Horizons for Migrants in Berlin, Germany 11-02-2018

6 months in Berlin! It's been six months since I am in Berlin, six months full of interesting work, meetings and trips. My project is about the integration of migrants in Berlin. I like my work here because it gives me the opportunity to maintain my linguistic skills (I am the translator of Arabic language according to my specialty) and be able to observe the migration policy of Germany. This experience is very useful for me, as it’s been a long time I am interested in migration in the international context, but before that I worked only with internally displaced persons.

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EVS in Romania is the destruction of all stereotypes! 02-02-2018

"ShoeBox" is a project that combines the work of 8 volunteers from Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Jordan. The project lasts for 5.5 months. During this time, the ShoeBox team works with children who have health problems, as well as organizes public events for the collection of various essential items for the children of the city of Craiova.

This project is funded by the European Commission (European Union) within the Erasmus + program. The project coordinator is ANTER (Asociatia Nationala de Sprijinire a Tineretului Ecologist din Romania), located in the city of Craiova, Romania.

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My path: "Purple Project", Romania 10-01-2018

When I look back on 3 months EVS-volunteering, my memory starts burning with the bright fire. How many things have happened during this time! It's easy to refresh that excitement, when me and Alexandr Makovey were going by bus for the road “Odessa-Bucharest”, and I told that time: “Do you believe, that we will live in Romania for 5 months?” He laughed cunningly and answered: “Frankly saying? NO!” And afterwards meeting with our receiving organisation ANTER, settling in the apartments, acquaintance with the new people. 

This quantity of new people, meetings, interesting conversations I haven't had in my entire life. Firstly, my Purple Project team. We’ve been gathered from four countries: Ukraine, Russia, Jordan and Georgia. It's amazing to live and work near the people with different mentality, trying to understand different point of view, and, the most important, to look at yourself from the other angle, being opened and to open something absolutely unknown.

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Strengthening Cooperation, Czech Republic 07-01-2018

It’s already 2 month I’m in Czech Republic, but it goes so fast.  So many things already done - first Czech words, a lot of new places and countries, millions of awesome people from all the world. One of the best moment of my EVS project is that I stay in the second largest town of Czech Republic! There are a lot of worth thing to see and to do for everyday.

Such situations show me that even being Slavic person in Slavic country you may have the cultural gap. Till now it was only positive cultural shock, I truly admire Czech people with their active lifestyle and open-minded position.

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Shoe Box, Romania 05-01-2018

Romania is a country that impressed us a lot for its nature and architecture. But at the same time it is full of mystery.

The first two months passed very quickly. Maybe it is because every day is unique, interesting and so rich of events. We are the only project in organization who lives all together in one flat, that’s why we are all the time collectively: at work, at home and in travels. It is a big experience to spend so much time with people from different countries (in our case we have four countries-participants: Ukraine Georgia, Jordan and Azerbaijani) and exchange our cultures.

The main task of our project is to collect toys, cloth, hygienically products and school supplies for children from Saint Mina School in Craiova.

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Youth 4 Youth 4, Cyprus 03-01-2018

Hey guys, I’m Alexandra from Ukraine and I’m here on Cyprus doing my 6 months EVS. I live and work with other 14 fellow volunteers from Portugal, Italy, Romania, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Slovakia and Armenia. And we already feel like one big family.

I’m working for Nautilos Sar non governmental, non profitable organization located in Nicosia, capital of Cyprus. 

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EVS in Romania: Purple Project 01-01-2018

The New Year is approaching and the second half of my project is approaching too. 2.5 months has just passed, and experience is already at least fulfilled, it is terrible to even think what it will be after the end of my EVS.

During this time I spent in Romania, I cannot mention any negative attitude towards the project. It's not a job, it's volunteering, which is very different from ordinary employment. If you do not like what you're doing - you can change it, just suggest your idea. In general, what we do here is very useful for my experience, because I plan to use it in the future as well. 

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Aid For a Sustainable Future, Nothern Ireland 30-12-2017

I’ve been in Belfast since the 16th of November 2017. I would split my report into two main parts: work in a workshop, free time.
Our working place is a big enough warehouse with loads of shelves with tools and sewing machines inside.
All the work divided into two main fields: sewing machines and tools. In first one volunteers repair and check all kinds of sewing machines (Singer, Brother, etc), test them and complete the paper work for shipment.

Most of my free time I spend in our house or going out to the city centre for a walk. We live in a house with 6 more volunteers. The geography of us is spread all over Europe: Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Ukraine.

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Keep calm and volunteer in Europe, Poland (part II) 29-12-2017

Do you sometimes feel scared and excited at the same time? It means that this is exactly what you need. This is my EVS. My story. My Poland.

6 months have passed since I decided to change my life. For this time I have become another person. I am surrounded by different people, different cultures, I speak different languages and walk on different routes. But I have fallen in love with this “difference”. When I passed the stage of cultural shock, self-analysis and durable adaptation, I entered a completely different stage of my transformation. 

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Never be the same again, Latvia 28-12-2017

What do you know about Latvia? No, I'm seriously. For some reason I suspect that it is not a lot, and that knowledge is very stereotypical. So, honestly, you can forget everything. :) Life in a new country is like reading a kind of adventure novel… you never know what will happen on the next page. And I like this feeling when you discover something strangely new to yourself in [by this time] the usual things. 

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EVS: FAIR Equal Opportunities to Disadvantaged in Rural Areas, Czech Republic 13-12-2017

Ahoj! Já jsem Yuliia, jsem z Ukrajinu.

As you probably guessed, I`m trying to show you my knowledge of Czech language. Aaand of course, you`ll be absolutely right if you suppose that my project takes place in the Czech Republic. "FAIR Equal Opportunities to Disadvantaged in Rural Areas" project had started on November 1 in Česká Lípa (the city in the Liberec Region, 67 km north of Prague and not away from German and Polish borders).

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Express Yourself, Romania 04-12-2017

From the first to the ninth November 2017 members of the NGO "Stella" took part in the international youth exchange "Express Yourself", which was organized by Romanian organization "Anter" and was held in Craiova within the framework of ERASMUS+ program. There was 33 active youth workers and leaders from three countries: Ukraine, Romania and Jordan in the programe. 

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Creative-active-open-social, Germany 26-11-2017

Hi everyone. My name is Ira, I am 22 and now I am doing EVS in Leipzig, Germany. My project devoted to working with children in kindergarten. I am really happy to be here and get this valuable experience.

Some months of my project passed very quickly. Every day I did and do new things. But working with children I like the most. Every day I play with children, make children`s day care, help educators and spend time with pleasure. 


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Big Heart for a Small Island, Greece 26-11-2017

Hello to everybody from Skiathos!

Actually l finished to write my first volunteering report! And I'm waiting forward for share with as much as possible about my unforgettable experience here. Let's go!

In my report, I would like to describe my EVS as much as possible in a clear and detailed way, what have been not only work (although volunteering) but a great opportunity for traveling, studying European national culture, English and Greek languages, professional self-improvement and perfect vacation 

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Stay Healthy - Stay Young, Turkey 25-11-2017

What are the first associations when you hear something about Turkey? Only honest :)! Yeah, 99% of the first things you thought about are the hot sun and beautiful beaches. Perhaps the remaining percentage will think about Istanbul, Bosporus, Blue Mosque and other historical raisins. But like any other country, Turkey is different. I was fortunate to see a cardinal other side of the medal. Not tourist and much more mysterious.

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EVS connects one Europe in Tirol, Austria 24-11-2017

I had been a volunteer in a day-care/youth center in Telfs/Austria from October 2016 until October 2017. Telfs is a large village (Marktgemeinde Telfs) in the Austrian state of Tyrol. In the beginning of the voluntary work, I didn’t know what to expect from the year that lay ahead of me. One thing I knew, it would be an unforgettable time.

During this one year I met many interesting people from different countries, I improved my German, picked up some Tirolean dialect but I also studied English and a little bit of Turkish. And the most important - I met my best friend!

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Ukrainian in Gelderland: True Story about EVS - Chapter I 23-11-2017

Two months ago I started a new adventure in my life. There are two important things that you should know about it. First, it is European Volunteer Service (EVS) Programme. Second, it is going in the Netherlands. During this time I have already got a plenty of wonderful working and lifetime experience.

I work at Humanitas DMH. It is a social care organization which helps to people with mental and light physical disabilities. This is a really important work I enjoy myself with. 

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U.R.Banksy, Georgia 21-11-2017

What do you think firstly when you hear "graffiti"? "Well, drawings, writing on the walls .." - said my friends. We at the project U.R.Banksy in Georgia draw graffiti about  human rights!

So, U.R.Banksy is a youth exchange about human rights and street art that took place in the city Rustavi, near Tbilisi. During the project, 6-18.10, we had a lot of discussions, workshops, forum theaters, energizers. All day, participants from Finland, Norway, Estonia, Romania, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine worked hard, all for the final project – graffiti of human rights in the center of Rustavi.

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To Give and to Get, Lithuania 21-11-2017

Labas! I would like to send you my warm greetings from rainy Lithuania, where I have been doing my EVS for 2 months already. My project relates to social work with young people (12 to 18 years old) from difficult social background. We are cooking together, playing various board games, doing homework. The main aim of the project is to make youth more social, to develop their talents. 

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Volunteering Is Something Inside Our New-Selves 20-11-2017

So here is the month of my time in Spain that passed so fast, I have 9 more ahead. Keywords now are: excitement, comfort, amazing people.

My EVS is held in Murcia - adorable city in Spain and is all about support of the projects that are launched by my host organization - EUROACCION. It's my main aim, but as far as I have some more skills, I'm also responsible for the creation of the logotypes, drafts of promotions. Apart from the office work I work with children in schools once per week, participate in the linguistic exchange with local students, help with presentations of the EVS in universities.

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Working with disabilities through Rock Solid Foundation, the Netherlands 17-11-2017

I work in a small village of De Glind that is located in the middle of the Netherlands. I work in a house of family type where there are children with certain psychological problems or other problems in the family. My duties include helping the parents at home, playing different kinds of games with kids, helping in the kitchen etc. Also, I am a coach assistant at the local gym for various activities and sports training. During the week I play football with children, we practice judo, dodgeball (trefbal - Netherlands ball game), board games and we organise creative lessons. 

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Volunteering in Gaziantep 14-11-2017

I was a short-term volunteer in Gaziantep, Turkey. I spent two months in this unusual country. It was a grate time. During the project I improved my knowledge of English and swimming. Also I grew up as a person. Because there I worked with kids and it was really nice to spend time with them. We swam together, learnt English and discovered some interesting facts about each other's countries

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Youth involved in social and cultural project, France 25-10-2017

Hello! My name is Kateryna and I'm an EVS volunteer in a city of L'Aigle in France, in Normandy. My first impressions of the country, project and people are very good. My project will last one year until the end of August 2018, and it is linked with culture, media and the promotion of international mobility among young people. There are two of us on the project: me and a girl from Portugal. Our main tasks here are assistance in various events of our organization, city and region and active cooperation with the team of web radio

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Volunteering with the elderly of the town of Porec, Croatia 13-10-2017

Hello everyone from super nice town of PoreČ, Croatia. 6 months of my EVS project have already passed here. Time flied very fast. Sometimes I just want to stop it because  I realize another 5 months will pass very fast also.  And I have planned so many interesting things, 11 months won`t be enough to accept and digest everything what happened to me on this adventure – impressions from the country and its culture, new interesting  people, trips, concerts and festivals.  All these happened to me in 6 months. That`s the life I wanted. 

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Kalamata, Greece: kNOWledge vol.2 13-10-2017

I am in the middle of my EVS project. I can't say, that something changed completely for me in this period, I can't say that u experienced something absolutely new for myself. The only thing that I know for sure -- if I would get this opportunity 4 years ago, when I just started to search for it,  It would change my way of thinking much more. Because everything that I experience now -- I didn't in past 4 years.

Of course every experience is very important in life and I'm not regretting of anything that happen. Now I'm looking forward for my next 5 months and wondering what will be next?

New people? New places? New thoughts?

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Сontinue the sail on King's Yacht 2016, the Netherlands 08-10-2017

Volunteering service experience till now has been one of the best years in my life! It is not only a matter of unpaid job in a certain organization but also a chance to meet hundreds of new amazing people, to travel, to learn (through non-formal/informal education), to face difficulties, to find the ways to solve them and much more. Despite the fact that it may seem challenging for some of us it should never be a reason to refuse such priceless opportunity.

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EVS… Your Global Learning Journey, Turkey 18-09-2017

I always wanted to try myself in volunteering. "EVS ... Your Global Learning Journey" in Gaziantep has become my first experience in international projects of this type.

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EVS in Romania 11-09-2017

“Purple” project consist of 7 volunteers from such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Jordan. There are 2 stages, each of them is 5 months. During this time “ Purple” works with children and youngsters, lead and create sports activities, gain new knowledge and experience, take part in the social life of the community and try to do unusual things, generate new ideas.

This project funded by European Commission (European Union) through Erasmus+ program. Coordinating organization is ANTER (Asociatia Nationala de Sprijinire a Tineretului Ecologist din Romania) located in Craiova city, Romania.  

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Successful Integration - New Horizons for Migrants in Berlin, Germany 03-09-2017

Berlin - center of different cultures. If I had to describe Berlin in one word, I’d choose ‘multiculturalism’. This definition accurately describes Berlin and its specific atmosphere. Here are people from everywhere. At the street, in the subway, in the coffeeshop, within ten square meters you can meet representatives of different countries and cultures. And it is worth mentioning that all foreigners (both tourists and migrants) coexist quite well, with such an interaction of different cultures being a great example of a multicultural society.

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Project in Gaziantep 01-09-2017

Hi everyone! Not so long ago I came back to Ukraine from my EVS project in Gaziantep, Turkey and I want to share my experience. First of all, I want to say that Antep is a very beautiful city and local people are very nice. Despite the fact that it is not so far from Syria, we felt in safety and had colorful routine.

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Hand of Friendship 10, Ireland 31-08-2017

Hello from the northernmost part of Ireland - Donegal County! 8 months of my EVS project in Letterkenny have passed so quickly that I didn't even have a chance to realise that! The work of the EVS volunteer and communication with foreigners helped me understand that it is important to take things easier in life. And that diversity and open-mindness contribute to the development of personality, and such individuals form a free society.

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Help migrant Syrian kids 31-08-2017

Hi! Finally the time came to tell people about my EVS! At first I want to tell that this EVS is one of the most interesting happening in my life for the last year. And now I strongly recommend all my friends to be a volunteer, at least  for the short time. This project was dedicated to help migrant Syrian kids, it is located in the south of Turkey in the city Gaziantep.

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Keep calm and volunteer in Europe, Poland 21-08-2017

Everyone has the time in their lives when they do not know where they are going; as if you have everything and nothing at the same time. It becomes clear that this is the right time to find yourself. For me this time began in one of my dreams when I received a note with a phrase «force yourself to be uncomfortable». So I did that: I went on my EVS, changing warm Kharkiv summer for cloudy sky of Gdansk; my broad flat for the house with 11 other volunteers from Spain, Turkey and Romania.

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Volunteering in Romania 20-08-2017

To be honest, I want to continue my volunteering, and I want to continue to work in this direction. And if someone asks me if he/she should take part in this, my answer will be unequivocal "YES". I really recommend trying this and I'm sure you will not regret it. Honestly, it would be amazing if I have a chance to take a part in EVS again. So do not give up and speed up submitting your documents !!!!!

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Outdoor and nature, Belgium 31-07-2017

Hey, there! My name is Anna, I’m Ukrainian journalist in a search for adventures. That’s why I came volunteering to Belgium. First of all, coming to adventure park called "The Outsider" wasn’t a spontaneous desicion. I already had a degree in journalism and had been working on TV, as a news reporter, screenwriter, actress and editor for more than 5 years. But I’m very challenging person as well, so I had an urge to try something completely new. Now it is what happening to me every day.

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All about you, Finland 27-07-2017

The training course “All About you” took place in Sauvo (Turku), Finland between 16 and 21 June 2017. It was a project about sexual education, which was aimed to provide new innovative non-formal methodology for the youth workers.The project was developed according to the needs of involved partners and target groups youth workers are working with.

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Schuman Volunteers go local, Poland 15-07-2017

My EVS was a period of small downs but great ups, leaving my comfort zone, trying new and forgetting old because being a volunteer in a foreign country, working, meeting people, reaching successes and facing failures. I can describe it as growing up from your usual behavior and from day to day becoming someone new who doesn't want to eat sweets for breakfast and worry about future anymore. Instead, you look with widely open eyes and excitement (not fear) at challenges, difficulties, tasks, pleasant surprises that are coming into your life. This is how I feel now — strong, confident and cheerful young woman.

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Oneworld East, Germany 08-07-2017

Hello people! I am a volunteer in the Gruener Grashalm organisation - a non-governmental organisation that promotes intercultural cooperation through outdoor educational projects. I help organising outdoor activities such as climbing, sailing, kayaking, cycling and hiking. Also, using my background in fine arts I organise creative workshops and create flyers to advertise and promote the upcoming projects and events.

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Connecting youth in Aschaffenburg, Germany 04-07-2017

What I like most about my project is that there are challenges every day because life here is not a Ponyhof (literally "a pony farm") as Germans say. I would say that their approach to children is not as authoritarian as ours. Everyone, including carers, educators and psychologists try to stay at the same level with children. In practice it means that children have as much freedom as possible which gives them an opportunity to feel that they are in control of their lives.

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Purple Project, Romania 02-07-2017

Check in for flight Kiev-Bucharest, air gates no.4. That day at the 3rd of May everything begin from crossing Ukrainian-Romanian border, then was train Bucharest-Craiova, further meeting with agents from my hosting organization, then meeting with mentor, party organized by other volunteers.That's all in my first day of the project!

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Volunteering in Scotland 29-06-2017

It's been more than 2 months started my EVS project in marvelous Scotland or more precisely in the charming city Glasgow. First of all, I would like to say, that my EVS project is quite unusual, because there I had the opportunity to choose in which area and where can I volunteer. Finally, I chose for myself, as I wanted earlier, organizational activity. And now my EVS project is a volunteer work connected with organizational activity (assistance during the event, festivals, a little administrative work and etc.) in Ricefield Chineese Art and Culture centre.

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Creative Ambassadors of the Cultures, Latvia 26-06-2017

It has been already half of my EVS project “Creative Ambassadors of the Cultures” in Rezekne, Latvia. The first thing that I want to say is that I am not the same person who came here 7 months ago. I became much more confident and more social. I developed my communication skills and improved my English. I travel, meet new people and discover new cities. 

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Integration for all, Spain 22-06-2017

It has been 4 months as I came to Spain to be a volunteer in Caritas (it is a charitable organization set up by the Catholic Church, occupied by helping to homeless people and those who need actually help). A half of  my project has already passed, so that I have enough to share.

My experience in EVS – is on the contrary.

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Personal growth of young people through creativity and volunteering with the elderly of the town of Porec, Croatia 20-06-2017

Do you know people who browsed the internet, saw some volunteer project, applied for it and then forgot and in a couple of months found an email saying: “Congratulations! You`re accepted for EVS project”? So this is NOT about me.

Long time ago I have realized that I don`t belong to this lucky category, that`s why I was prepared for a long way. Days and nights, I was looking for a project and bombarding organization with emails. In total amount, I sent about 300 letters. Everyone finds this number too surprising but I think the more - the better. Thus, as a result I had choice between 8 projects.

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Volunteering in Gaziantep, Turkey 25-05-2017

When I was taking three flights to Gaziantep, I could have never imagined that I will be so lucky with this project. Starting from the welcoming and ready to help staff of the receiving organization and local volunteers, ending with the tasks we were faced as volunteers.

To tell you more about activities that we had: our main focus was teaching English to refugees from Syria – both children and adults, but we were also leading a conversation club for Turkish people, and in particular English lessons to the Turkish staff of the organizations and centers we were volunteering at. Also, we had English for orphans, Afghan children and handcraft classes for kids from Syria and in oncology hospital.


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Communication and support to the workcamps season, France 14-05-2017

What has happened since I wrote my latest report in November 2016? I greatly improved my level of French, took part in a dozen of forums (which basically helped me to break the language barrier), held lots of informational group and individual meetings devoted to EVS, acted as one of organizers and animators of the youth exchange, assembled my own bike, started to feel comfortable on the roads of Lyon, fabricated a shoe shelf, learnt to play ukulele, visited Bordeaux, sand dune de Pilat, Grenoble, Geneva, Annecy, Barcelona and Rome, fell in love with Lyon, made plans for summer… But everything in its time.

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Listen to your heart, EVS in Poland 11-05-2017

My EVS project in Poland, Lodz is coming to its final stage. I am a volunteer at a work therapy center for people with disabilities ‘Listen to your heart’. The project idea is to share the stories of people with disabilities who attend this center as well as provide photo, video workshops for them. For instance, I conducted workshops with a fantasy photoshoot, taught participants to create scenarios and small films in Movie Maker, painted Petrykivla with our fingers and much more. With other volunteers we prepared a cultural evening, poetry evening and were searching our inner clown. 

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Draw your future, Turkey 11-05-2017

From May 4th to May 10th, 2017, the small town of Odemish, in northern Turkey, became a true easel for the creativity of 23 participants from Albania, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine.

The international project "Draw Your Future!" was organized to promote the development of project management skills  and to create a strong network of young leaders and civic organizations that will cooperate in the long term period and will assist other organizations across Europe who wish to develop their skills in this area.

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Short-term EVS in Turkey 09-05-2017

I have so many impressions after a two-month short-term EVS that it is impossible for me to describe it in a short article. These two months were for me as the one "short life", full of emotions, great people, interesting challenges and travel dreams. Therefore I will try to describe it in two interesting lists.

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Schuman Volunteers go local, Poland 07-05-2017

Hi, guys! I would like to share with you what I've learned during my EVS in Poland. I work at school with teenagers and I enjoy this a lot! It`s only 2 months left and I'm ready to make some conclusions right now. Here I have three main points. So, let`s get started!

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Сontinue the sail on King's Yacht 2016, the Netherlands 02-05-2017

My friend!

Let me tell you about the first half of my one-year EVS project in the Netherlands. “Siza” organization invited me and 3 other volunteers. The working place is located in a big park. I work at one building of the complex, where there are 12 clients with mental and physical handicaps, 15 workers and 3 interns from educational institutions.

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More than two months ago I was happy to know that I became an EVS volunteer in GEGED (Gaziantep Eğitim ve Gençlik Derneği), in the city called Gaziantep, Turkey. It were 2 the most impressive, full of adventures and eye-opening experience months for me.


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Hand of Friendship 10, Ireland 01-05-2017

My name is Dima. I am an EVS volunteer. My project is running at Donegal Youth Service (DYS), in Letterkenny town, County Donegal, Ireland. DYS has a wide scope of interests - social issues, cultural exchange, equality, discrimination, mental health, sexual health, music and art events, employment issues, helping disadvantaged young people etc. 

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Again and again, Turkey 22-04-2017

First of all, I want to say that I couldn’t even expect so many positive things from this EVS project. I thought to get to Gaziantep from Istanbul will be hard, but even there people, who didn’t know English tried to help me. And I was literally the first one near the gates.

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Euroimpact, Great Britain 10-04-2017

In March 2-9 in the British city of Newcastle, within the framework of Erasmus +, the training Euroimpact was held, organized by the NGO Opportunity International. Three members of the NGO "Stella", namely Alla Shakhova, Alena Tryfonova and Andrii Bystrov presented Ukraine at the international meeting of active youth.

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Technology for creative thinking, Malta 29-03-2017

The training " Technology for creative thinking" was organized by CROSS CULTURE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION CCIF with the support of Malta National Agency (NA) between 18-27 October 2017. The training was designed as a process of informal learning and peer education using participants who work with young people, have experience in the fields of youth work, youth arts and international cooperation. Participants from Malta, Russian Federation, Moldova (Republic of), Estonia, Armenia, Ukraine, Italy and Germany had an active input in sharing knowledge and experience, and learned new skills in and surrounding the dramatic arts and inter-cultural youth work, from the trainers and each other. This active participation encouraged ownership of the learning, motivation and commitment to working together, building effective international working relationships, making the training an exercise in best practice.

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Peace of Cake, UK 09-02-2017

Have you ever realised that our national Ukrainian dishes have a long history and that many ingredients came to our country from hundreds of kilometers or even continents away? Have you ever thought that every conflict can also be considered like a "dish"? Just, as every dish has its ingredients and cooking phases, every conflict has certain components and stages. By gaining an active understanding of the process, we start to see how negative outcomes can be prevented beforehand.


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Drive your life, Greece 25-12-2016

From 23 to 31 October 2016, 7 representatives of NGO "Stella" took part in a youth exchange “Drive your life” which was held in a beautiful picturesque mountain village Spileo in Greece. The project was organized by Greek organization "Hellas for Us" in the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme. It brought together 4 countries which have high rates of traffic collision: Ukraine, Greece, Georgia and Hungary. The aim of the youth exchange was to identify the main reasons of high road fatality rates and to find the ways in order to prevent them.

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Networks wanted, Poland 03-11-2016

Between 2 -10 October 2016 at Grzybowo, Poland the representatives of Kharkiv NGO "Stella" took part in an international contact making seminar "Networks wanted" organized by Polish Fundacja Pociecha. Contact making seminar brought together 22 participants from 11 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Spain, Italy and Jordan. 

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Different Cultures – One world, Italy 31-10-2016

The main topics of the Youth Exchange that took place in Pescara, Italy between 30 September and 9 October 2016, were supporting development of world cultures, promoting the culture of peace, anti-discrimination, better understanding of cultural diversity and multiculturalism. We had lot of interesting activities such as lectures, workshops and excursions. Every day of the project was perfectly planned in such a way that we did not only work enough in groups developing our projects but we also had a lot of free time to explore Pescara and Chieti cities, to swim in the sea and simply to enjoy and relax.

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tHRead: techniques for Human Rights, Ukraine 10-10-2016

From 25 September until 1 October 2016,NGO "Stella" together with its Russian and Georgian partners, AEGEE Moskva and youth association DRONI, successfully implemented the second phase of the bigger common project. The peace building meeting took place in Kharkiv and gathered 30 participants from Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

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The Power of Intercultural and Interreligious dialogue, Armenia 29-08-2016

Intercultural and interreligious understanding - what is it? A distant dream, utopia or an urgent necessity? Anyway, despite any answer it is impossible to deny that nowadays it is one of the most important topics all over the world. From 16 to 24 July 2016, 25 young people (including us, three representatives of NGO “Stella”) got together in sunny Yerevan in order to participate in a wonderful training “The Power of Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue” and to discuss how we can turn the dream about peaceful and tolerant world into reality.

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"Travel, Learn, Share", Ukraine 01-08-2016

On 15 July 2016, Kharkiv non-governmental association for active youth "Stella" in cooperation with educational platform Campus Kharkiv made a presentation “Travel, Learn, Share”. The main aim of the event was to promote international programmes and non-formal education among youth in order to get valuable experience and to foster their self-development. During the presentation young people learnt more about international mobility projects, particularly about Erasmus+ Programme.

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European Quality in Youth Projects, Romania 27-05-2016

Between 6 and 14 May 2016, the representatives of NGO Stella took part in an international training course “European Quality in Youth Projects” (EQYP) which was hosted by GEYC organization (Romania) and was held in Bucharest within ERASMUS+ framework. The TC brought together 35 active youth workers and leaders who see the need in raising quality of international projects. 

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Non Formal Education of The Physically Handicapped in Sport, Turkey 26-05-2016

Today the attitude towards people having various disabilities is an important topic throughout the world. Ukraine is one of the most "unfriendly" countries, as it makes it impossible for disabled people to lead an active life. In order to discuss this and a number of other issues, between 26 April and 3 May 2016, Ukrainian group participated in a project “Non Formal Education of The Physically Handicapped in Sport” in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. The project lasted 7 days and was organized in Çanakkale, Turkey in a partnership with 8 other organizations from different countries.

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Working on getting a job, Italy 25-05-2016

The increasing rate of unemployment among youth is one of the main problems of contemporary societies which can be observed in many countries. The problem may have various roots and it is obvious that before fighting unemployment, youngsters should be aware of its practical reasons and should analyze their own skills, knowledge, potential, strengths and weaknesses. 

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Contact making seminar, England 07-04-2016

From 20 to 25 February 2016, London became a real home to the participants of Contact Making Seminar from Azerbaijan, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Jordan, Cyprus, Kosovo, Poland, Turkey, Estonia, Great Britain and of course Ukraine. Our country was successfully represented by 2 participants on behalf of Kharkiv association for active youth "Stella".

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United in diversity, Italy 30-01-2016

This was my first experience of an international youth project and it was great! 42 participants from 7 different countries Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and Ukraine gathered in one place in Pescara, Italy in order to break stereotypes, to share their cultures and to promote such values as respect, empathy, diversity and peace.

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