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In Land We Trust

Ми Довіряємо Землі

Dates: 01-12-2017 - 09-12-2017

Place: Armenia, Gyulagarak

Type: Training course

Participants: 3

Deadline: 07-11-2017


“In Land We Trust" is the training course which addresses the issue of the long-term unemployment in rural areas which is one of the main social problems. 


Through the activities we will develop participants’ skills, attitudes, and knowledge in different areas, connected to the rural development. The workshops will be tailored to meet participants’ learning needs and will combine theoretical input with interactive exercises and tools for youth empowerment. "In land we trust" is designed and structured in a way that gives participants the freedom to express themselves, to share their experience and skills, to learn as much as possible in terms of the main topics and to acquire new skills beneficial for their youth work. The whole project is mainly practice oriented and is a platform for generating and developing new ideas for rural development. Training course will be based on non-formal education methodology and techniques.

Main objectives:

- To find out the possible solutions of unemployment problem at personal, organizational and community levels by monitoring the real situations in different countries

- To improve abilities of youth workers, activists and young people from rural areas to increase their chances to get employed or make their own projects

- To give the tools and techniques on how to reach a low unemployment rates in rural areas

- To empower young people with the means of non-formal education

 - To understand the real needs of the rural job market and to discover the way to meet those needs

- To motivate youth workers to take part in social changes aiming at increasing youth employability by exploring their leadership potential

- To create new projects designed to lower the unemployment rates and keep youth to develop their rural homeland. 


Youth workers and youth leaders, who are willing to actively participate in the whole duration of the TC, should:

  • be 18-30 years old
  • be interested in the main topic of the TC
  • have good English language skills in order to achieve the objectives of the activities
  • be capable and willing to develop further youth projects
  • be able to write a report in English and Ukrainian after the project is over

Financial conditions

The project is financed by Erasmus+ Programme:

Travel costs are 100 % covered within the limit according to the rules of Erasmus+ proramme (up to 275 euro)

Food and accommodation will be covered for the entire project - 100%

Fee - 30 euros

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