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EVS in the Rock Solid Foundation

ЄВС у Rock Solid Foundation

Dates: 01-09-2018 - 31-08-2019

Place: Lunteren, the Netherlands

Type: European Voluntary Service

Participants: 2

Deadline: 14-01-2018


During the EVS year, volunteers will focus on learning the differences in the society regarding social care system field. Next to that, they will try to motivate local youngsters as well as clients from the organizations to participate in national and international projects, such as youth exchanges and training courses. Also they will learn how to improve the conditions in their own country, step by step, after going back home. They will be actively involved in the different activities of Rock Solid, on local and regional level. 


There are three projects coordinated by Rock Solid Foundation: Humanitas, Siza and De Glind.


Humanitas DMH is an organization working in the field of intellectual and light psychiatric disabilities with (young) adults. The main approach of Humanitas is to offer its clients as much autonomy in their lives as possible, as well as to encourage them to be part of a community, with daily social interactions.

Tasks will include:

• spend time and communicate with the clients during coffee breaks, board games hours, walks;

• assist the clients in daily routine activities, such as organizing the rooms, washing the dishes, doing the groceries etc.;

• help clients with cooking and/or eat together with them;

• organize activities with the clients, such as: handcrafting or Christmas decorations workshops, beauty hours, movie evenings, baking etc.

As your experience grows, you can take on more responsibilities. The volunteers will also participate in staff meetings, where they will have the opportunity to learn more about the work with people with disabilities in the Netherlands.


Siza is an organization working in the field of mental and physical disabilities. It provides support so that people with a disability can organize their lives better. Siza also makes significant investments in technological resources which help disabled people lead more independent lives. It also focuses on care-related and organizational innovations such as multidisciplinary care, social innovation and maximum participation. 

Tasks of the volunteers include:

• playing music for the clients, watching movies and TV programs together with the clients;

• help with cleaning and feeding the clients;

• house-holding activities: cooking, bringing paper and glass outside, with the help of the clients;

• having walks with the clients around the city center;

• going to the theatre, to the disco, swimming pool with the clients;

• having sports or gymnastics at the sport hall with the clients.


The Rudolph Stichting is an over 100-year-old organization for youth care in de Glind in the middle of the Netherlands. The foundation is responsible for the maintenance of Jeugddorp (Youth Village) De Glind as a host for a number of Youth Care Organizations for children that cannot live at home due to mental and/or physical handicaps, autism, (sexual) abuse, or neglect. The mission of De Rudolphstichting is to give children and teenagers living in De Glind a life that is as normal as possible, despite their limitations, and to stimulate their development and mental wellbeing. 

The volunteer’s tasks are: •

• helping the family parents with the complete daily care for the children and teenagers;

• organizing extra activities for the children and teenagers, for example going to the playground, listening to music, doing something creative, baking cookies etc.;

• when necessary, accompany the children going to school or sport/recreation activities;

• small household chores: tidying the house, doing the washing, preparing the table for breakfast/lunch/dinner and helping out with cooking.

As a recreation assistant, you will work within a team of recreation employees, who offer every day a number of activities, for the leisure and recreation of the children and young adults in De Glind. These activities vary from creative hour through music/drum lessons to various sports. 

More info about all the projects you can find here.


• Age 18-30 years old.

•  We aim for volunteers who are interested social work with children and/or people with disadvantages in general.

• One of the conditions to apply is a good knowledge of English and good social skills because the volunteers have to work with children and with people with mental challenges.

• Another condition is a proof of good conduct, because this is obliged in Dutch youth and social care. 

Financial conditions

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. All expenses for visa, insurance, accommodation, food and international travel costs are fully covered. The volunteer will also receive pocket money monthly. Also language courses will be provided.

How to apply?

The candidate can send his or her application to Chris van Maanen by mail:, this should contain a CV, motivation letter and photo and preferably Facebook contact. When we think a candidate is suitable, we invite the candidate for a Skype call. 

In the subject line, please, indicate "EVS in the Netherlands (2018-2019) coordinated by the Rock Solid Foundation." In the text of the letter, do not forget to write a few words of greetings and gratitude for the consideration of documents, and also to indicate that your sending organization is the Non-governmental organization "Kharkiv association for active youth" Stella "(PIC 947609200).