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EVS in Joyce 'n' Fun

ЄВС в Джойс’н’Фан

Dates: 01-06-2017 - 31-05-2018

Place: Skiathos, Greece

Type: European Voluntary Service

Participants: 1

Deadline: 07-05-2017


The hosting organization is Joyce 'n' Fun - a social cooperative, which aims to give more opportunities to children for discovering the world through the eyes of volunteers. Their main objectives are to help children of all age discover foreign languages and cultures, through workshops, activities and games and help teenagers develop new talents in their more advanced workshops. In that way, organizators want to modernize education by promoting its non-formal, life-long forms.


Working and playing with the children and teenagers of Skiathos is a wonderful opportunity for all of volunteers to find again that lost child we all have in us. Sharing their knowledge of their own country's habits and culture with the children and other volunteers helps them create a better identity as a citizen of their country but also of Europe. Our organization's actions promote active citizenship, intercultural diversity and social involvement while we stimulate social and cultural tolerance to form an open minded civil society. 

Those are our main activities for the summer period (some will continue in winter): 

  • The "The 4 season of a Greek island" activities are aimed for teenagers from 12 to 16 who will make a video and create a website to show the differences of the life on Skiathos in winter and in summer. The activity will be available for teenagers having difficulties in school because of their behavior, reaction to authority, etc.

  • The "Playing and learning... together !" workshops for the smaller children from 5 to 11 (crafts, theater play, music, sport etc) will be open to the public during the summer.

Three volunteers from Ukraine, Armenia and Spain will be involved in those projects. They might have skills in web designing, photography, children entertainment but more than that, the participants who will be chosen are the one who plan on continuing disseminating European awareness and diversity and whose ideas show how much they value intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance, democracy and respect of human rights. 

They will also organize public EVS presentation events in order to promote the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programs for youth. 

This project won't only enhance the European identity of participants but will also boost their skills and employability, adding an important asset in their CV and life in general. 


Joyce 'n' Fun is looking for a person (18-30 years) who has some experience/interest in journalism and/or photography. He/she must have patience with children of all ages, a plus would be if he/she has experience with teenagers. 

It would be great if he/she is a vegan or at least doesn't mind eating and cooking vegan food. Knowing how to live in community is important as well since the participant will be sharing the house with other volunteers. 

And once more: journalism/photography/video editing (at least one of the skills is needed). 

Financial conditions

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program. All expenses for visa, insurance, accommodation, food and international travel costs are fully covered. The volunteer will also receive pocket money monthly.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you should send your CV and completed questionnaire both to and before the deadline.

In the subject of your e-mail please indicate “EVS in Joyce 'n' Fun, Greece”.