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All About You

Все про тебе

Dates: 16-06-2017 - 21-06-2017

Place: Sauvo (Turku), Finland

Type: Training course

Participants: 5

Deadline: 29-04-2017


In order to achieve our aim the training course will focus on following objectives:

• Sharing participant’s perceptions about what they think sexual education is according to their experiences;

• Providing up to date information about sexual education and three main sub topics, which are: sexual education in general; teenage pregnancy and methods to prevent unwanted consequence; Sexually Transmitted Diseases;

• Equipping participants with skills, to make them able to work with challenging cultural environment (target groups with specific religious, social, cultural and traditional background);

• Creating a friendly and cozy atmosphere for the participants to come up with the certain plan (event, workshop) in order to start delivering sex education among their target group;

• Sharing reliable Online resources which should be consulted by young people when it comes to knowing more about sexual issues;

• Creating the tangible result such as online video about sex ed, which will be developed during the whole project and in the end used by the different youth workers with their target groups.


Training course "All About You" is a project about sex education, which aims to provide innovate non-formal methodology for the youth workers. The project is developed according to the needs of involved partners and target groups youth workers are working with.

"All About You" will gather youth workers from six different countries and introduce them a new, innovative non-formal methodology, which will help them to work on sex education topic with their target groups. The new non-formal methodology will give them the new prospective, not only about sex education in Europe, but also in different parts of the world, such as United States, Australia.


Youth workers and youth leaders who are willing to actively participate in the whole duration of the TC, should:

  • be 20+ years old
  • be interested in the main topic of the TC
  • have good English language skills in order to achieve the objectives of the activities
  • be capable and willing to develop further youth projects 
  • be able to write a report in English and Ukrainian after the project is over

Financial conditions

This project is financed by Erasmus+ Programme:

  • Travel costs reimbursed up to 275 EUR per person
  • Food and accommodation will be covered for the entire project - 100%
  • Fee - 30 euros

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